by Ringsted Welding and Fabrication

Stalk Smasher

The original Stalk Smasher by Ringsted Welding & Fabrication is the one solution you need to protect your expensive tractor tires from cornstalk damage.

Roller Attachment

Introducing the newest addition to our Stalk Smasher line. This can be used with our existing Stalk Smasher and is ideal for high trash applications such as soybean, wheat and chopped corn stalks.

Combine Smasher

Our farming friends and neighbors told us that their combine tires are also expensive and need protection, too! And so we present to you... The Combine Smasher.

A Revolutionary Agricultural Implement...

With rising tire prices and today's tough corn stalks, the Stalk Smasher may fill a need... and save you money.

As featured on Discovery Channel's "American Farmer" series, the RWF STALK SMASHER is the latest innovation in saving your tractor tires and tracks from stalk damage.

This quality product was engineered by people with 30 years' experience in designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment.

The RWF STALK SMASHER was designed using input and ideas from farmers. And those who have used the RWF STALK SMASHER say they will never again go into the field without it.

Let's face it. Farmers today need protection against stronger-than-ever cornstalks, new chopping cornheads, and expensive tires that just don't hold up to that kind of punishment. Our STALK SMASHER products provide the protection your tires need.

We are honored and proud to serve the hard-working farmers of America.

"Tire Insurance"

No, of course we are not an insurance company, replacing your tires. But we think not having a blowout in the first place is even better and saves you time and money while working your crops. With today's high tire costs and super-strong cornstalks, why risk it?

Tractors, Combines and more

We've been invested in protecting your tires for quite some time now. We currently offer the original Stalk Smasher (with and without rollers) for your tractors and the Combine Smasher for your Combine.

Easy Install

All of our products are such a breeze to install. Just let us know what model tractor you'll be installing it on and we will provide the correct mounting kit. Quick and Easy. No Nonsense. You're gonna love it.

Happy Customers

One of the unexpected rewards to our job is hearing back from our customers wanting to share their Stalk Smasher stories.
Other than not having to pay for tire replacement, they seem very pleased to know that even though they can't count on the weather cooperating, with Stalk Smasher on their side they can still meet their deadlines and not spend so much time broken down in the field waiting for a new tire to arrive.
We do like selling our products that help our farmers feed the world.

A Smashing Video

Click Play! We'd love the opportunity to show you how slick the Stalk Smasher is at smashing stalks. See for yourself.


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