The RWF STALK SMASHER sells for about the   cost of two front tires. It just makes sense.

  Why not get as much life out of your tires as   possible?

  Farmers in northwest Iowa are keeping extremely   sharp, stiff cornstalks from chewing up their   expensive tires.

  The RWF STALK SMASHER was designed using   input and ideas from farmers. This quality product   was engineered by people with 30 years' experience   in designing and manufacturing agricultural   equipment.

  "Every stalk it touches is taken out of your way."

  "The STALK SMASHER provides great protection when I'm planting in no-till   applications."

  The RWF STALK SMASHER features a hydraulic system for full range of adjustment   without the hassle of replacing springs, load devices, or poly. With a 5" square tool bar,   and a 3-1/2" diameter solid steel shaft, the STALK SMASHER is wide enough for all   tracks and duals. With the proper mounting bracket, the STALK SMASHER can be   transferred to any one of many different tractors used in the field.

  The width of the SMASHER is designed to cover tracks and duals.

  A 3" hydraulic cylinder controls the lift of the STALK SMASHER, giving a full 14"   of lift for ground clearance. The SMASHER bars are free floating. Four heavy-duty   greaseable pins allow the bars to move freely over rocks and other obstacles.

  The STALK SMASHER has a gloss black powder coat finish to withstand the wear   and tear of field work year after year.

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